Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear Duerohanons:

       This is our humble attempt at connecting Duero to the world through this blog. We are still in the process of coming up with the creation of an Official Web Site. Nevertheless, the whole world can now get into with what’s latest of our municipality, as well as, temporarily complying with DILG Memorandum on transparency in governance.
      Knowledge is power! Providing you all with significant updated information is what my administration would like to share, for I am committed in promoting transparency in governance. I am very much elated that Duerohanon worldwide, interested individuals, private, and government agencies, organizations, and other instrumentalities, can now have easy access on how the Municipality of Duero is being managed by the present administration, including knowing the path that we are taking towards progress and development.
      I am inviting you all to keep yourself abreast by checking what has been posted for your information and perusal. Thanks for visiting this temporary site.

* CY 2011 and 2012 Annual Budget